Women in esports

Women in esports

Esports should be the ultimate gender free sports zone. It  is the only sport where you can have a mixed gender team. This is an exciting part of the sport. The fact that people can compete on equal ground adds a unique dimension to the growing esports gaming world. According to one article that I […]

eSports Scholarships, Are They Real?

eSports Scholarships

How many mothers and fathers have abhorred the games their children have been playing these past few decades? Who today under the age of 35 hasn’t heard “TURN OFF THOSE VIDEO  GAMES!”  Well, maybe parents should rethink their demands to quit playing video games, and encourage their students to play more often, now that high […]

Gaming and the Many Mental and Social Benefits

Gaming together in an eSports title

You have probably heard your friend’s Mom hollering up the stairs, “Turn that game off. It’ll rot your brain!” Perhaps you’ve even said the same thing to your own kids? This common impression of video games couldn’t be further from the truth! In today’s America, around 160 million people enjoy playing video games and eSports. […]