Esports Academy Tournament featuring Fortnite




Jul 20 2024


9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Every other Saturday this summer you can join us as Esports Academy hosts their tournament featuring Fortnite. Esports Academy is a new school opening this fall that incorporates video game industry into learning. Their model is an excellent way to teach junior high students with real world experience that allows them to bring their passion. The structure is two hours of learning a day followed by application using esports and the larger industry. These tournaments are a showcase for their school.

An Inclusive Gaming Center

This event will be taking up the whole center, so we will be closed to the general public until after the event. We do this to support our youth with such an amazing academy. Check out our blog about these events featuring Fortnite here: The Esports Cave has been dedicated to providing a safe environment to kids and adults alike. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Esports Academy who shares this vision. Their trial sessions have yielded impressive results with students learning far beyond traditional academic programs. It is our pleasure to do our part to encourage these programs and we invite our customer base to learn more about this academy. It is this alignment with The Esports Cave’s mission that makes us proud to host this on Saturdays, and we’ll see our regulars as we open our doors after Fortnite. Check out Esports Academy at

Tournament featuring Fortnite

You must be in 4th through 7th grade to register. Registration is only available on Eventbrite and you must pre-register to ensure you have a seat. Follow Esports Academy to not miss a single tournament!
There will typically be two sessions per day, so pay attention to which Fortnite session you are registered. During the tournament play, parents can hang out in the parent lounge and learn about Esports Academy and what they can do for your middle school student. There will be large prize pools for the tournament and other prizes for filling out the parent questionaire among other gift cards. The structure will be Battle Royale and you will be ranked by kills and placement, so make sure to dive into the fray! Each session will see multiple rounds to average scores to determine winners.

If you or your student is in the right age range, go register now to join the coolest tournament featuring Fortnite in town!


The Esports Cave Cedar Park
1717 Scottsdale Dr. Ste 100B, Leander, Texas

The event is finished.

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  1. Hi, a question on participation eligibility – If the student has just completed 7th grade, are they still eligible to participate in the tournament?

    1. Esports Academy mentioned to me that they wouldn’t disqualify people who just finished 7th grade.

      You can check out their contact page to ask more.

    1. Esports Academy is running this and has not yet created the link for July 20th. You will be able to register for that session.

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