Fortnite Battle Royal Tournament




Sep 09 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

If you love Fortnite, then this is the place to be on Saturday afternoons! The Esports Cave is hosting a free tournament for you to test your mettle as you run, build, and shoot your way to the top. With new content out regularly, the game is sure to be fresh and keep you on your toes. We built our own custom PCs for you with games like Fortnite in mind. You get over 200 frames per second with settings turned up to epic on our machines. You know you’ll have no excuse not to have your best matches possible here.

Fortnite is the biggest battle royal game on the market right now. 100 players enter, and only one team can achieve victory. As you play, the map will begin to shrink around you. Struggle to stay alive while running into the eye of the storm.

You MUST have your own Epic account to log in to Fortnite. Accounts do not cost any money, so you may make an account at home before you come. Please come prepared because we will NOT be able to provide you with an account to play on.

Fortnite Rules

You must pay for time to sit and play Fortnite during the event, but we will offer discounted time for $10 to play for the duration. This event will run on the second Saturday of every month from 2 pm until 5 pm. To play for $10.80 during the event time, you must participate in the event. There will be two events; Mini Battle Royale Zero Builds and Zone Wars. Prizes are the same for each event.
1st place: $25 and 1500 coins.
2nd place: $15 and 1000 coins.
3rd place: 1000 coins.

If attendance is greater than 16 players, then there will be a qualifier round with the lowest scoring players being dropped for the finals. At the end of each round, an event admin will mark your score down. Your score will be calculated based on your eliminations and placement, and your final score will be your individual scores added together. The player with the highest score wins!

If attendance is 16 players or fewer, then we will play a mini battle royal with five rounds and the system will automatically calculate the winner!

Zone Wars will be on Tilted Towers and the winners will be calculated based on wins and eliminations after 12 rounds.

See you at The Cave for all your Fortnite needs!


The Esports Cave Cedar Park
1717 Scottsdale Dr. Ste 100B, Leander, Texas

The event is finished.

15 Responses

  1. Hello. We will be coming from Dallas. Do we sign up anywhere or just show up? Thanks

  2. Hi this will be my first tounament are there age based tournaments or is it any age plays 1 tournament?

    1. Here at The Esports Cave we are inclusive of all ages. Please check the Epic Games guidelines for ages requirements to play in tournaments in the game.

    1. Hey, thank you so much for pointing out the typo. The tournament date on the calendar was correct. We do these on the second Saturday of each month and there was a misprint that I have just corrected.

      You must do this in person on one of our PCs (consoles are not reliable enough, we’ve had issues where players fly to the top of the map instead of dying among other things so we’ve banned console), but you may play on controller on your account. Highly recommend you bring your own controller for comfort, but we do have some on hand.

    1. I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand your question.

      Our events with Fortnite are always solos. We will do one tournament on a mini battle royale map with zero build and one tournament on zone wars in Titled Towers. Prizing will be the same for both events as per the post.

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