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A social gaming experience

Sometimes it’s dangerous to go alone. These are the times to bring friends and play co-op at The eSports Cave. Maybe you need a bigger screen. Maybe you’re looking for the latest game. Or a rematch on that game you loved most.
Whichever – we’ve got the spot for you! Three spots actually – come check it out! One alcove will allow for a more cozy group experience. The other two co-op settings are in the main area and keep you in the thick of the action. Feel free to call ahead and reserve your favorite spot!

Co-op Gaming

We’re starting with PS4 at all co-op locations in the cave, with Xbox One also available. We’ll be adding other consoles based on availability, upgrades and customer demand. Come in to a place designed for gaming and settle those rivalries in style!
We have instituted procedures to make sure that you have a safe experience. Our cleaning procedures are designed with current guidelines from the CDC. We will clean the co-op play area and controller between each group of players to keep you as safe as possible during these times. If you feel comfortable with social play, this is the place to do it!

co-op gaming
console gaming

Big screens. Multiple consoles.

Co-op demands a bigger screen. So we’ve equipped our co-op groupings with Samsung SmartTV’s. These 65 inch 4K TVs deliver fun co-op and split screen action on PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and additionally the Nintendo Switch. Big comfortable couches allow you to gather in comfort – focus on the game. Grab the controllers and get your game on. BTW – want to gather to watch your favorite stream or an esports event? These are great spots to get together and watch the event together on a fantastic screen!

It’s not just the machine – it’s the library!

Check out the game library. We’ve preloaded all of your favorites on our consoles. We keep them up to date. If we’re missing one – call ahead and we’ll try to get it preloaded. No need to spend your time (and money) keeping a library up to date – we’ll do all of that!
We have center guest accounts for play. Or if you prefer, bring your own controller and use your own account! 

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