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Sing your heart out

How many times have you heard “turn that down!” while trying to rock out at home? Not a problem: Our private studio is decked out with premium Rock Band instruments. Strum, drum, and sing to your choice of songs in our library. We’ve got an extended library for you to chose from. Let us know if we missed your favorite and we’ll download it!

The kit includes the Rock Band standards: bass, guitar, and drum kit. Our sound engineer insisted on upgrading the mics – you will love the feel of studio quality mics when you are belting out your favorite ballads!

Take center stage

Massive displays and booming concert-like sound will have you feeling like you’re performing at your favorite concert venue. Because our location was built out by a sound engineer, the sound system is studio quality. He wouldn’t tolerate any less. The room has also been treated to allow a great experience.

Couple this with 100 inch screen and a great projection system  and you’ve got a great place to bring your band and rock your heart out!

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Walk-in or book your Rockband. Add to the party package!

Since Rock Band allows for four players, this can be a nice add-on or focus for a party. Set a up a mini-competition! Play for top group or go for the most valuable player designation! Organize in groups of four and let the fun begin

Rockband reservations require 48 hour advance notice.