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Console Gear

Our goal is to create a comfortable unique gaming experience that you can enjoy with your friends – or by yourself! Grab your friends and pop in for a night of gaming together.  Or drop in to play the latest game yourself and get some serious focused practice time. We offer great gear and great spots to accommodate whatever your style of play.  Our console stations all include a PS4 Pro with a full library. We’ve chosen chairs, headsets and monitors to exacting standards of comfort and quality.  And of course the consoles are on our dedicated fiber – network will not be an issue!

Let Us Accommodate You

Of course, the hardware is nothing without the library! Looking to play that new game? Come check it out on our gear – no download hassles!  We’ve preloaded your favorites: Spiderman, Overwatch… Our staff works to keep the games up to date so that they are ready for you when you sign in. And our console library continues to expand based on customer requests. If we don’t have it – ask!

And of course you are welcome to bring your own controller and headset if you wish. Load up your current status and go! Play with Cave Troll guest accounts or play your own. Your choice!

Don’t forget that we offer tournaments and packages. Want to bring your whole gang in? Private tournament or birthday party? Let us reserve the party room for you! Or the stage!

playstation 4 pro options
console gaming

The Layout

We’ve set up several console configuration ins the Cave. We have 5 console stations in the Party Room and 4 stations in the War Room. Each has a 4K 31.5” monitor, a great headset, and very importantly a great gaming chair from Respawn! Comfort, speed, and a stunning visual experience – check it out side by side with your gaming buddies. The Party room consoles also overlook the main gaming room, so they are in the thick of the action. The layout is designed for your comfort and enjoyment.

Console Alcove

Check out the alcove – two separate stations with 49” Samsung Smart TV’s as the display.  Same gaming chairs and headsets and talk about killer visuals! If you’re looking for a bigger screen or a little more focus, this spot might be the perfect answer. This cozy little alcove additionally creates a nice little console gaming cocoon – grab your controller and settle in!

big TV for gaming