eSports stage

Awesome Stage

We love gaming. But we also have a love of showmanship. And of course, esports is about competition. The war room offers a perfect spot for a team to gather and practice together. But when competition time arrives, our stage allows you to compete in style! We’ve elevated the desks and installed professional show lighting capabilities as well as top notch cameras for streaming. Our competitions will allow 6v6 on stage with the cameras and the displays to create an exceptional experience! We will be hosting tournaments and streaming them through twitch. These can also be streamed through your team channel simultaneously.

Great Gear, Great Show!

We’ve equipped the stage a bit differently from the clusters on the main floor. The pc’s are equipped with 2070 Super graphics cards. These have benchmarked better than the 2080’s in most tests, and equal in the ones that weren’t outright wins. The floor gaming stations have 27 inch monitors. Since this will be used for competitive events, we chose 24 inch monitors with high refresh rates – 240hz. You will not have a better gaming experience in competition!

Diversity in gaming
competitive gaming stage

Tournaments on Stage

These tournaments may be local, regional, or larger. We are connected to Ggcircuit, allowing us to tie in to competitions from around the world. And we have other centers that will be hosting tournaments with us. Help us claim bragging rights(and prizes) for best Center team!

Parties and private events

Have you thought about that blowout party or group event? Consider the stage! You can create your own teams for 6v6 games and stream to your own Facebook page! Imagine your friends seeing you on this stage with an exceptional show quality and feel! The stage will be available for private events when not in use for major competitive events. This will include game time, streaming and staffing to manage the lighting and the stream for you. And of course the stage will be available as part of private events outside of normal business hours. Ask us for details!

birthday party
fortnite squad

Summer camps

Our summer camp leagues will culminate in weekly competitions that will put our students up on the stage. This will certainly be a highlight of the camp each week. The campers will have a phenomenal time playing “on stage” and streaming if they wish. The lights, the cameras, the event, the competition – it will be an amazing experience!