Revan’s Leviathan Requirements; Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Speculation

Revan's Leviathan Requirements

The Force shall free me as I speculate on Revan’s Leviathan Requirements for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. SWGOH is a competitive game that pits teams of much loved Star Wars characters and ships against one another, with the most recent announcement being for the improved Sith Empire faction. Revan’s flagship is described as meta […]

FTB Ultimine


Minecraft is a sandbox game designed with Java making it easy to add mods, one of our favorites being FTB Ultimine, to enhance the experience. A large part of the community at the cave use Curseforge to install these mods. You can find Ultimine on the Curseforge website, there is a small description but we […]

The Esports Cave Cedar Park: The Ultimate Sports Complex Experience

Sports Complex event Center

The Esports Cave Cedar Park is located in the heart of a sports complex, providing a unique and exciting experience for gamers and sports enthusiasts alike. With a wide range of businesses and activities, the sports complex offers a one-stop-shop for improving both physical and mental health. In addition to the gaming at The Esports […]

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in gaming

Recent events have cause huge turmoil in our country. The eSports Cave wishes to be known as a gaming center where inclusion and acceptance is the norm. This is just a part of the fabric of our business and our relationship with our customers and employees. Be it race, religion, sex and gender, or disability, […]

Gaming and the Many Mental and Social Benefits

Gaming together in an eSports title

You have probably heard your friend’s Mom hollering up the stairs, “Turn that game off. It’ll rot your brain!” Perhaps you’ve even said the same thing to your own kids? This common impression of video games couldn’t be further from the truth! In today’s America, around 160 million people enjoy playing video games and eSports. […]