Diversity and Inclusion

Recent events have cause huge turmoil in our country. The eSports Cave wishes to be known as a gaming center where inclusion and acceptance is the norm. This is just a part of the fabric of our business and our relationship with our customers and employees. Be it race, religion, sex and gender, or disability, all are welcome. We will not tolerate disrespectful behavior because of any of these or any other attributes. People are people and all are deserving of respect. We also expect our clients to show the same tolerance and acceptance of our staff and the other customers.

In summary, as a small business, we wish to provide a safe, welcoming place where people can game together as a community. Therefore, we will not be addressing any issues or making any policy comments other than those that show respect and kindness. Please do not think of this policy as anything other than support for the idea of equal treatment. We will make every effort to remove bias and inject inclusion.

Equal rights for all people

The current storm in our country has brought racial issues to the forefront. But we welcome diversity on all fronts. Our core belief is that people deserve to be treated equally and given equal opportunities regardless of skin color. In other words, The eSports Cave will maintain a respectful attitude towards employees and customers of any race. There will be zero tolerance for racism in The Cave.

LGBTQ Welcome here

The LGBTQ community has made huge strides towards equality. We support this in all its diversity. In The Cave, gender and sex are not a reason to show bias. The Cave has set up multi-gender single person restrooms. We will retain an attitude of respect and acceptance. We are all members of the human race with our own defining factors. You are welcome here. There will be zero tolerance for sex or gender discrimination in The Cave.

Cthulhu welcome here

Religious beliefs are your business, not ours. For instance, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Wicken, Scientologist, Church of All Worlds or a worshipper of Cthulhu, you are welcome here. Diversity of religion is welcome. We are gamers here. We expect gamers to show each other respect and to play with dignity. Therefore whatever you believe, we’re happy to have you here playing your favorite game.


I was reading some material related to our national discussion about inclusion. As a result, I found some great examples of how people with disabilities find ways to be hugely successful in this world. We will make sure that includes gaming in The Cave. Above all, we want everyone to feel accepted and comfortable in The Cave. We have tried to make all areas accessible, including a ramp for the stage. Please let us know if you have concerns or need extra accommodation. We would be happy to discuss. We will do our best to make every accommodation possible. There will be zero tolerance for discrimination due to disability.

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