the esports cave

About our Community

The Esports Cave is an environment where we not only entertain with video games, but people may also learn life lessons through competition, experience life change through stories, and find community with our players.

Mission Statement

The Esports Cave strives to provide a high-tech gaming experience, using state-of-the-art equipment, to bring fun and excitement to the people of our community in a safe, fun, and exciting environment.

Core Values

Commitment to supplying an experience that adds value to people’s lives beyond simple entertainment.
Likewise offering a premium environment in terms of cleanliness, décor, and performance.
Overall building a social community where anyone can feel safe.

The Esports Cave proudly runs the ggCircuit esports software suite.

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The Esports Cave

1717 Scottsdale Dr.
Ste 100B,
Leander, Texas 78641


Esports Cave Owner and proud community builder

Meet the Owner

My name is Connor, and it has been my pleasure to build this community over the last few years. 

I am very passionate about bringing gamers together and sharing some of my favorite experiences

The Esports Community Coordinator

Meet the Coordinator

Sue’s background includes nine years as a programmer analyst, and nine years as a Systems Engineer at a major software company, dealing with customer needs and technical issues at both vocations. As a result, customer service is a very high priority for her in providing the gaming community with a premier experience at The Esports Cave. She also manages seven rental properties and enjoys maintaining each property to meet high customer expectations. This is why she enjoys booking birthday parties, bachelor parties and corporate events at our gaming lounge, combining the joy of gaming with the celebration of an event. Sue also likes working with the Cave employees to focus on providing the best in customer service, so all our clients need to do is enjoy themselves and game!

A Community for Gamers

The Esports Cave is a hub for gaming enthusiasts and a thriving community of players. Whether you’re an avid gamer or just starting out, The Esports Cave offers an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere is also energetic, with players competing in thrilling matches, cheering each other on, and forming new friendships. The Esports Cave’s community events like Set Count, GoGames 360, and Call of Duty tournament, bring gamers together to compete, socialize, and have fun. 

Moreover, the center is equipped with the latest gaming gear and a high-quality streaming setup, making it the perfect place for players to showcase their skills and create content. Regardless of whether you’re looking to join a team, participate in a tournament, or just meet other players, The Esports Cave has something for everyone. The friendly staff and passionate community surely make The Esports Cave the ultimate destination for gamers in Cedar Park.

We also host esports teams. To find out more, click the link below:

Organizations We Sponsor


Content Creator

Hi, I'm Red! I am an aspiring variety streamer and content creator who is focused on positivity, people, and forging friendships. My goal is to spread joy, share experiences, laugh, and make memories in a multitude of interests. Welcome to my channel!


Esports Team

At Pulse, we're dedicated to fostering the growth of competition and creativity through volunteer initiatives. Our mission is to connect small businesses with a young, elusive demographic by leveraging the passion and talent of rising players and emerging artists. We spotlight competitors and collaborators through graphic and video editing, creating a synergy that enables us to finance coaching and competition endeavors. Giving their dreams a Pulse