The Esports Cave

The Esports Cave is the esports center of your dreams!


1717 Scottsdale Dr. Ste 100B



Come Experience The Esports Cave

Play with on the best state-of-the-art, high-speed gaming PCs around!  Come alone or with friends; play for an hour or play all day!  Compete at one of our tournaments!  Our rigs have the latest graphics cards (3070s & 3080s) with the clarity, color, and definition you want (and need!) for a premier gaming experience like no other.  With over 60 PCs, and lots of Switches and PS4s, we offer an exciting experience for all ages and skill levels. Come play at one of the top Esports arenas in America!

Let's party!

Tired of the same-old, same-old arcade, mini-golf and bowling party for your birthday bash?

For your next birthday party or celebration, come play Fortnite, Minecraft, CoD Modern Warfare, Phasmophobia, Valorant, or any of the other 110 games we offer with your party friends. Large group or small, birthday party, farewell party, bachelor or bachelorette party, even corporate team building event, we offer party options for your special gaming celebration. Parties include pizza and soda; you bring the cake, we do the rest!

Enter a Tournament
Is your competitive nature calling to you?  Do you want to know how good you really are at your favorite game?  Need to blow off some steam after school or work?  Has this past year deprived you of the social aspect of competing in esports?  Check the location’s calendar for the tournament and event schedule happening near you.
Massive Game Library
Is there that one game you’ve been dying to play but you don’t own it yourself? Do you and your buddies all have that one game you play together? Any chance you have a game that you're just stuck on and you want to clock some more hours? With our 110 games and the ability to play any you own that we might be missing, everyone can find something to play here. Sharing your favorite games with friends is easier here than ever! Check our games page to find your top picks.
Competitive Pricing
With competitive pricing, we have a package for you. We sell all day passes for the hard-core player, after five specials, any day of the week, for the working class, and one-, three-, or five-hour gaming packages that do not expire for use any time. Check the calendar of each location for special events, or “special buy” days.
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Gaming Events

Once a month, you get to stay all night for one low price! From 8pm to 8am, play any games you want, eat pizza and drink soda, and hang out with or make new friends! Check location calendar for dates.

The Esports Cave is family-friendly and prides themselves on a clean, well-run, and welcoming environment. Each station is cleaned after EVERY USE, from headset, table, mouse, mousepad, keyboard, to the chair! Floors, counters, trusses, handles and other surfaces wiped down regularly throughout each shift. We want you to have an exceptional visit, and not just because we provide the finest gaming computers in central Austin, but because your entire experience is a positive one!