Rocket League at the Esports Cave

rocket league!

Rocket League is a super high quality game made by a company named Psyonix. It gives soccer a twist by putting you in a car that you operate in third person. The game has recently gained a massive following and large popularity with their professional games making lots of people, including me, find the game for the first time.

Playing Rocket League

In Rocket League you can choose between a large variety of game modes and games to play whether you want to play casually with up to 7 friends in a custom match, play competitively in a basketball style game or play the classic game with your friends. You can also practice using player-made courses and singleplayer training.

Rocket League Tournaments

Within the Rocket League scene, there are multiple ways you can join tournaments to play more competitively. RLCS is the official tournament scene where professional players compete for big money. In addition, the games are available for anyone to watch. Regularly hosted tournaments implimented into the Rocket League game have in-game prizes for winners on the bracket. Players may also host their own custom tournaments for their communities or friend groups to play against each other.

Playing at The Esports Cave

Playing this game at The Esports Cave is great. I love the higher graphics settings that allow me to run the game at 240 frames per second. The game runs super smooth on the computers and they even have controllers I can use on my computer because I prefer Rocket League on a console controller. The headphones at The Cave are so good that I can’t hear anything else but the game. So I can hear my game as well as my teammates who are in their home.

The Esports Cave is your perfect location to hone in your skills. Drop in for competitive or casual play.

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