SCP 10700

Item #: SCP-10700

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containing SCP-10700 requires one to trap the electromagnetic “body” of the entity within a computer motherboard. The motherboard will remain in a specialized Faraday Cage casing, preventing electromagnetic waves from seeping through. While in containment, SCP-10700 expresses itself through any external devices connected to the casing. It appears to have minimal abilities outside of this, with only reports of crashes on games played within the containment facility.

Description: Nicknamed “Hivemind” by those in its containment facility, SCP-10700 is a euclid class entity. The entity consists of electromagnetic waves, capable of altering both electronic devices and human brainwaves. The extent of this ability is largely unknown, but it is capable of creating images in human brains that physically cannot exist. Hivemind is unable to survive outside the range of a computer, by many estimates 20-30 feet will diminish its presence to the point of non-existence.

The origin of Hivemind is unknown, since it would have had to originate within its containment area or have traveled there inside one of the computers. The more computers within the range of Hivemind the greater the abilities it exhibits. The ”control radius” is the term describing the range of these abilities tested by researcher.


Hivemind uses its abilities to corrupt computers within its control radius to send messages outside the facility. These messages typically take the form of an advertisement on social media with the catch-phrase ”WE HAVE IT!”

SCP-10700’s latest message to social media
One of Hivemind’s messages to social media.

The corruption of human brainwaves to create images that will also influence the human to act to Hivemind’s will. Furthermore Hivemind has the ability to communicate at an extremely high level. Scientists at the SCP facility communicate with Hivemind in its containment. It exhibits a deep understanding of human culture and emotions.

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