The eSports Cave

10700 Anderson Mill Road, Suite 207

Austin, TX 78750

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The eSports Cave gaming center

Practice with a purpose - Play with a passion

The eSports Cave is a fun, comfortable place for gamers, whether hard core competitive or casual social gaming. It ensures that gamers have a place that is above all clean and safe. Be part of the community and also enjoy yourself.

Play PC or Console for as low as $4/hour!

Day passes as low as $15.

Come play with us!

The eSports Cave is the next step for eSports centers. A stage is necessary to showcase teams as they go head to head in a competitive game. Pro gamers need the best hardware to perform, and so our stage has the favorite screens and excellent hardware. Count on us to play your best at all times.
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Console Gaming
Our gaming center is designed to appeal to any gamer with the utmost comfort. That is why we built console stations with excellent chairs and a curved 4K monitor. Relax and get immersed in your game as you play on the pro version of the console so you know the performance is the best that consoles have to offer.
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PC Gaming
We provide an awesome Lan Center experience with all the state of the art equipment. Our computers are the best the industry has to offer and are ready to play all of your favorites on amazing screens. We have 24" monitors for competitive play, and 27" monitors for a more cinematic experience. Enjoy over a hundred titles and play in groups with your friends!
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Google Maps Reviews;
  • 5 star review  Awesome place for some gaming action! Great atmosphere, extremely hospitable staff and great deals/regularly scheduled events! Highly recommended 👌

    thumb Tom Marcelino
  • 5 star review  Incredible service was provided here. I came here to attend a Super Smash Bros. tournament and was greeted with kindness and welcoming faces. The layout of the facility is clean and organized. The equipment here is fantastic and up-to-date. I got to play the game on a 65" TV on a comfy couch. Will definitely be coming here more often.

    thumb Jimmy Harris
  • 5 star review  It has many games and reliable and high quality devices! Staff is great and really helpful and knowledgeable. They also work really hard to get things working.

    thumb Hazelmachiato
  • 5 star review  This place is definitely worth it. Great environment(COVID Standards), Fair prices, and a great place for gamers to get out of the house and to go well... play more games. Not a PC gamer? Well they also have multiple consoles for you to play as well! Snacks and food to keep you up and running. Weekly events to attend and to win! Recommend 100%

    thumb Jay Perez
  • 5 star review  The eSports Cave is an amazing place, and very safe and clean with many measures being taken to keep players and customers safe during our current health crisis. All personnel and patrons are required to wear masks throughout the facility, other than when you are seated in front of a computer or gaming console, as long as no one is next to you. Temperatures are also taken from everyone who walks in the front door, before you are allowed to interact with the staff and sit down at a computer. The level of cleaning being performed by the staff is incredible - ALL items and equipment are wiped down and disinfected immediately following each use. I feel extremely safe in here after seeing the many measures they are taking to keep everyone safe and healthy. Onto the cool stuff - Jeff, Sue, and their son Conner are AMAZING and soooo nice! This is a family run business that opened in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis. Their customer service and customer-first attitudes are a welcome relief, from the time you walk into the door, through ordering food and drinks, to their willingness to accommodate your needs, to your departure. I was on a first name basis with them on my second visit. My son and I visit nearly every week and every time I walk in, it's like walking into a family's home. It is also a very family friendly environment, and anyone cursing or behaving poorly will be asked to leave. If you buy a multi-hour package, it comes out to $4 or $5 an hour! Unheard of in these modern times! They also have MANY games to choose from, on both PCs and gaming consoles. If they don't have a game you're interested in, they will get it for you! Please, please, please, tell your friends, families, co-workers and neighbors about this place. They need all the help and customers they can get during these challenging times. Give them a try - you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Jason Cary