Esports Camp by American Esports Association

Wanna spice up your summer session with an Esports Camp? You’re in luck because Amateur Esports Association is teaching a comprehensive session. Learn not just how to up your game, but also learn how they work!

The Esports Cave will be hosting a summer esports camp from July 17th through the 21st. Morning session is computer science, and afternoon session is Fortnite. 

Each session is $200 for the week, or you can join both sessions with an included lunch for $400. To learn more or sign up, please visit or click the button above. 

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Morning Session: Computer Science

8 AM – 12 PM
Digital Adventures in Computer Science: Learn what code is and how it works in this morning session. 
Students will code in KUBO to learn skills for modern environments. 

Afternoon Session: Fortnite

1 PM – 5 PM
Fortnite Esports Camps and Clubs: Engage with critical thinking and communication skills to up your game. 
Students will analyze gameplay to improve performance in game and beyond. 

Full Day: Lunch Included

The Esports Cave offers the choice to sign up for either session or both. If you choose to sign up for both sessions, then we will provide a lunch during the break between sessions. The break period is free time and will also include time to play video games on our awesome gaming computers. 

Esports Camp

Sign up today for the coolest camp in town! While learning to improve your game, also learn how to work with a team, communicate, analyze problems, and navigate complex spaces. When gamers give their all to a match, they can learn communication skills that will last them a lifetime. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to practice these skills in a fun environment.