Valorant 2v2 Tournament




Jul 09 2023


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Esports Cave is proud to host our first monthly Valorant 2v2 Tournament!

Show off your Valorant skills in person at the cave. Duke it out in a 2 on 2 against another team for proof of superior skill and of course, bragging rights. Go find your favorite partner to play with and dominate all the competition. Above all work your way through the bracket and win the prize pool!

Price: $10: $5 venue, $5 pot
Plus day pass: $15: $5 pot, $10 venue
Skip the line by registering online at

Compete in a Valorant 2 on 2 against a random team in a double elimination bracket tournament.

Valorant Match Rules:

  • Custom match with cheats off
  • Only 1 site (must plant at site), chosen by attacker before the round starts, changes after 6 rounds (attacker can pick the same site)
  • Any agent but accordingly no ultimate’s allowed
  • Best of 13, switching sides at round 12
  • Competitors get a random map before each of their matches
  • Toxic players will be kicked out with no refund and possible ban (Staff discretion)

Valorant Bracket Rules:

  • If you are in the regular bracket: The loser will drop down to the redemption bracket and the winner will move on towards the Grand Finals
  • If you are in the redemption bracket: The loser is out but the winner will moves on with chance to compete in the Grand Finals against the regular bracket winner
  • 1st is the winner of the Grand Finals
  • 2nd is the Loser of the Grand Finals
  • 3rd is the Loser of the regular bracket Finals
  • 4th is the Loser of the redemption bracket Finals (If enough competitors for 4th to receive prize money)

For a full ruleset, check out our Valorant Rules here. The Esports Cave is your one stop for gaming tournaments and events. Check out some of the other non Valorant events on our calendar: Esports Cave Austin Calendar

The event is finished.

5 Responses

  1. few questions:
    is the price 5/15$ per person or per duo?
    can we come on day and register for the tournament before 4 in person?
    also if we want to register online what link will we use because the link goes to main page

    1. Hi Arif,

      The price is per person. If a team of two wants to take advantage of the day pass option, they would pay $30; $15 each.
      You can pre-register in person if you wish; we’ll have a page made for the March date soon. I will also be working on a way to update the link automatically moving forward.

    1. So far we are requiring at least one contestant to be playing in person. You can head to our discord (link in the menu icons) and look for someone who is coming alone.

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