ATX gaming center

First six months of gaming

We’re approaching our six month anniversary as Austin’s coolest gaming center after opening in probably the worst imaginable time for a new business. We’ve had a great time getting to know a lot of gamers. We’ve met families that game together. Fathers and sons that game together, mothers and kids who game together. Solo gamers and friends who game together. The ATX gaming scene has a lot of great people, and we’ve had a great time getting to know you.

gamers hard at work
Serious gaming in progress

Safe gaming center environment

safe ATX gaming center
Masks required, other COVID procedures in place

As we roll into the next six months, we will continue to follow the guidelines for COVID-19 safety protocols. We want people to have a safe place for gaming in Austin. We’ve got a large center, so we’ve been able to hold some great tournaments, especially Super Smash Bros and Fortnite. These two have had fairly large turnouts, but we’ve maintained social distancing by using our main floor with seating and large screen monitors showing the games so that spectators can watch safely. And Fortnite is all PC based. At least in our shop, almost ALL players choose the PC. However, many choose a controller. So there is plenty of room to spread out and keep distance.

Community gaming center

Our goal is to be a great place for gamers to hang out. For instance, I’m writing this on Thanksgiving day. We put together a little package of 5 hours of gaming, and hey: you get a turkey dinner on the side! There wasn’t a huge turnout, but we had a nice group. It’s a little thing that we want to offer to the community. We’re happy to have a place for people to hang during these crazy times. Austin gamers always welcome here! We are the coolest ATX gaming center!

Community event - Thanksgiving dinner and gaming
Thanksgiving dinner!

Expanding our gaming options

Next we need to add some more activities that Austin gamers are looking for! We’d be happy to hear from Austin Geeks and gamers and anyone else! Therefore, feel free to let us know what games you would like us to schedule. In addition to our regular Fortnite Battle Royale twice a month, we are adding a Solo Box fight session. In addition, we’re having an Among Us night this week. Come find the Imposter! In addition to the Friday Night Super Smash Bros, there will also be a Sunday afternoon match on 12/13.  And look for the lock in! Only serious gamers need apply! The gaming center will be open from 10 PM to 8 AM for the lock in. In other words, this should be a good month for gamers and our ATX gaming center!