Austin Gaming Center

There are many cool things about being an Austinite. We opened The eSports Cave to give people a great place to come play games – competitively or just for fun. What a place for a gaming center! Our Austin gaming center has consoles and PC’s as well as various configs to suit any gamer’s preferences.

What a place to get into the eSports center scene. For instance, I googled “videogame studios Austin” and found an article about 57 gaming companies in Austin. Some of them are companies that make tools for developers.  There’s even a crowd sourcing platform for launching games.

Some of the local companies focus on mobile gaming and/or gambling. Many of them use the phrase “community”. This feels right to us: we also built our eSports center to have a place where the Austin gaming center community could feel comfortable to gather and build a more real time community. Online games do bring people together, but there’s still something special about getting in the same room with other gamers.

For the Austin Gaming Community

The eSports Cave is working to build our place in the Austin gaming center scene. Above all is safety, so we’ve put the right processes in place for social distancing and cleaning routines for COVID. We’ve built a rock band room, a great streaming room, and a giant main floor with 50 computers. Don’t forget the stage where we can host a 6v6 competition and stream it live!

Many colleges and also high schools in the area are offering teams and clubs for esports. We have connected with several to arrange events in our gaming center. Concordia University has a program that includes scholarships. Vandegrift High School has a team and a club!
Austin gaming still has lots of room for growth. Our stage and gaming center can hold a great competition with room for plenty of fans on prem and fantastic lighting and cameras for streaming. Serious players can join our tournaments soon! We have summer camps and birthday parties! Come join us for a local Austin gaming center experience!