Cedar Park Gaming and esports

New esports gaming center

We opened The eSports Cave in Austin on Anderson Mill Rd. We searched for a location for a Cedar Park esports center locaation, but this location ended up giving us space. Little did we know how important this would be. It’s challenging to be open during this COVID thing. But we have enough room that people can gather without breaking the distance rules. We’re maintaining social distancing. We’re checking temperatures. Masks are required. Our staff is cleaning like crazy people!

Cedar Park gaming – join us

I did a search for Cedar Park gaming. I located a number of stores selling games, but no cool location to go play. Our goal was to build such a place. When we designed our gaming center, we went on a trip first. We visited gaming centers across the country. We saw many Tron-looking centers like Pure esports in AZ. Ignite Gaming Lounge in Chicago gave us the idea for the clusters on our main floor. But with a background in sound engineering and stage management, we went with more of a show feel.

Serious or casual

Check this out: the floor machines have a great performance metric and a nice 27 inch screen with 144 refresh rate. Great for gaming. On the stage, we went with 24 inch screens with 240 refresh rate. For players who want less real estate to track. There are two cameras and six stations on stage left and stage right. We can stage a tournament with a very exciting vibe. And we can stream the tournament!

Think casual: our best streaming events so far have been private groups. Think of streaming your own birthday party! We are still restricted with COVID. It will probably be Fall before we can put on a public tournament. We’re doing a Smash tournament the first and third Friday of the month. But we can keep the two players 6 feet apart. Harder to do on the stage! So for now it will be private groups only on the stage. Above all, we want people to feel safe and comfortable in our esports center.

Here’s to better days

We’re looking forward to Fall and working with high schools and colleges. Concordia University has a program that includes scholarships. Vandegrift High School has a team and a club! We have summer camps with limited headcount, and we can still host birthday parties! We’re also looking for Cedar Park esports clubs at the local high schools. We may not be the Cedar Park gaming location.Certainly, we’re happy to have gaming fans from Cedar Park join us! Come check it out.