Distance Learning Center

Parents, do you need an online distance learning center for your children? We know this is a tough time for parents and students alike. There are many questions about returning to school and the safety of students and teachers. Schooling at home can be tough on both parents and the students. Many schools will be doing remote learning, which may not work for all families. We propose sending them to our “School Camp”.

In June, we opened The Esports Cave, a very large gaming center, with 50 high-speed computers. Our computers are situated in a layout that makes social distancing easy and clean, and our 4,600 square foot facility with tall ceilings is very open and safe. Our staff follows the CDC’s recommended guidelines, and our three very-clean bathrooms are serviced regularly by our staff.

With schools doing more virtual learning this August until they can safely open the schools, many parents are at home trying to do THEIR jobs using Zoom, Google Duo, or other online video apps, and they are running out of bandwidth. Here at The Esports Cave, we have DEDICATED FIBER with enough bandwidth for limitless live video.

Here’s what we are proposing:

Drop off your 10 and up students in the morning and let us be their IT department, not you. They can use our high-speed gaming computers (built for gaming, so these stations really scream!). Our computers have all normal computer functions for browsing, searches, website access and online video conferencing. We have staff on hand to help with technical issues. The distance learning center will be fully supervised. The students will need to know their websites, signons, passwords, for their online learning resources, of course.

We can work with you to determine breaks and lunches. We will stagger their lunches and breaks to keep social distancing. Your student’s day is customizable. Our freezer is full of items for purchase like Hot Pockets, Pizza, Chicken Sandwiches, White Castle Burgers, Marie Calendar’s Chicken Pot Pie, and more. Our cooler has everything from Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk, five flavors of Gatorade, soda, bottled water, Bang, and, of course, Monsters.

**You are also free to send your own lunch and beverages in with your child, as well! Whichever is easier for you. You can load their accounts with money up

front if you do wish them to purchase food or beverages, so your child does NOT have to carry cash with them!

Distance Learning Goals

We propose student drop offs at 7:40am and pickups at 3pm. These hours can vary, according to the school’s hours and needs for the student. We will discuss your needs before you sign up. We will limit students to 12 to make sure you will have 6 feet between unrelated students (could be a few more if 2 or more students are from the same family and can sit next to each other).

Once their school day is done, and during parent approved breaks, they could, with parental approval, play Computer games or on PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Price for this “school camp” will be $195. per week. For extended pick up time, we may have other customers, but we will maintain social distancing for all occupants!

So do consider allowing your student to attend online school with a limited number of students and staff instead of the entire school. A happy medium between sheltering vs returning to a full school is our distance learning solution. We want to offer this option to our community parents. YOU CAN START AS EARLY AS JULY 27th!

Please call or email Sue Stilwell (contact info below) to sign up or for any questions. Feel free to stop in and check out our great facility in person!

The Esports Cave
10700 Anderson Mill Road, Suite # 207
Austin, Tx 78750




Connor Stilwell

Connor Stilwell