Gaming Center Austin surviving COVID – thank you!

COVID-19 and gaming centers

COVID-19 has had a strong impact on small businesses. Ours is no exception. We opened our gaming center Austin on June 1st. At the time, the guidelines were less than 25% occupancy. This is a challenge for a business like esports gaming. Our tournaments are better with more people. The prize pool is based on the number of players. Part of the entry fee goes to the pool.

Gaming Center Austin

Fortunately, we have been blessed with many regular gamers. The tournaments have been well attended for these restrictive times. Reviews have been awesome. Many have reported on our procedures for social distancing. They also notice just how well we clean the stations and peripherals.  One review said “ top of the line equipment, reasonable hourly charge, great socially distant fun and all of the top games”.

Large gaming center

We do have enough room to get to the current limit for a business like ours. Our gaming stations are spread out over 4600 square feet. This is the largest esports gaming center in Austin. Friends and family members can still play next to each other. We can provide separation for individuals and groups. Another review captured this: “I love how even during Covid, this company honors social distancing and is always clean. Love this place!!!”

Customer service and safety first

Our mission statement includes the goal “to bring fun and excitement to the people of our community in a safe environment”. I think these reviews show that we are achieving that goal. Now is no exception, however: customer service is a must. We are proud of our employees when we hear things like “I called to get some information about an upcoming tournament, and I talked to either the owner or an very informed and helpful employee (which would indicate good hiring practices and a pervasive positive atmosphere), and he took the time to answer all my questions as well as go through the many precautions they take to ensure a safe place we can visit without worry during the Covid pandemic”. Our customers should have a great experience at a reasonable price in our esports center. Therefore we do work together as a team to deliver a high level of customer service.

Feel safe at The eSports Cave

Thanks to all who have been to The Cave already. We hope to see you again soon. And for those who haven’t visited, you can rest assured that we are taking all precautions and following all recommendations during this season. In addition, his includes taking temperatures and requiring masks. Therefore we know you’ll have a great time. When you are comfortable enough, join us for a tournament. League of Legends, Super Smash Bros, and Fortnite are all the week of 8/17. Or stop in with friends to play your favorite games together. Grab a day pass, a night pass, or a few hours. Come see our safe, fun gaming center! We’re working hard to not be one of the permanent closures!

See you soon!