Happy Un-birthday Party!

Couldn’t have a party?

Did your child or loved one miss a Birthday Party celebration during the COVID lockdown? Are you feeling like 2020 has just “skipped” your Birthday or other favorite celebration? Do they enjoy PC gaming?

Come celebrate now!

Come to The eSports Cave and celebrate that missed Birthday Party with a very special UN-BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

Just like the Mad Hatter in “Alice in Wonderland”, you can now have a very, very Happy Un-Birthday Party here at Austin’s premiere gaming center. Therefore, you can have it on the 6-month anniversary of their birthday, or just ANY day, to not let COVID rob them of their 2020 Birthday celebration!

Or have an Un-Graduation Party or have an Un-COVID Party!

Besides, it does the heart good to still celebrate life in the face of this pandemic! Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate a missed event!

Additionally we here at The eSport Cave practice social distancing, with CDC recommended cleaners used at every PC gaming station, and all touched surfaces. And clean bathrooms, too (look out, Buc-ees)!

Details, details…

The Happy Un-Birthday party, starting at $20 per player, includes Pizza, Soda, and 3 hours of playing along with use of your clean, private party room during your party time.  In addtion, we can seat your “pod” of friends together, or they can be socially distanced, but within speaking and visual distance, thanks to our PC circle groups (50 PCs, plenty of options!).

Days, weekends, and evening hours available to suit your schedule. However, some blackout times do apply (tournament hours, etc.). Sue will be happy to discuss your specifics and set up a suitable time for your celebration.

Don’t let 2020 Birthdays or celebrations go uncelebrated!!

So call Sue at 408-506-0001 or email sue@threetrailsgaming.com to book now! Happy Un-Birthday!

The eSports Cave, 10700 Anderson Mill Rd, #207, Austin

Sue Stilwell

Sue Stilwell