Surviving After the Pandemic: The Esports Cave

Surviving the pandemic has been tough for small business. Spectrum news wrote the nicest article about our LAN Center surviving in spite of COVID. We were proud to be considered a “safe space” by many of the families who were in our gaming center often. During COVID, we took all the usual precautions. We continue to use CDC approved cleaners after every use of the gaming rigs.

Gamer’s community: supporting a culture

The article did a nice job capturing our purpose. Connor has emphasized the community aspect of the LAN Center from the beginning. Yes, we have the highest performance gaming rigs in Austin. Of course we have high speed fiber internet. But most importantly, our focus is the expereince for the gamer. Community is a key aspect of this experience.

Surviving with COVID restrictions

It’s interesting updating this blog after most restrictions have been removed. We remember vividly taking temperatures, seating people separately, insisting on masks. As mentioned, we do continue to use approved cleaners. Obviously the gaming rigs need to be cleaned after each use anyway. We made sure the cleaner we’re using is also appropriate for COVID.

The state of esports gaming centers

Sadly, many gaming centers closed either temporarily or permanently during the pandemic. Surviving takes a special place and special customers. Reading our reviews on Google Maps is humbling. We are very proud of the team we have at both LAN Centers. The reviews almost all start with something nice about our team. THAT is what we wanted to accomplish! And we thank those of you who have taken the time to post a review. Feel free to post your own review! We’d love to hear from you!