Modern Warfare Tournament at The Cave

Over the years the Call of duty series has set the bar for immersive, action-packed Content. The current Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduces fans to boots on the ground. The Alpha of the game came out August 23rd, 2019. Activison furthermore allowed PS4 players early access to play their new Gunfight mode. Which features a 2v2, 6-Round game-mode. The game gives players a glimpse of the new graphics and new features added. CDL Teams such as FaZe clan setup invitationals for the specific game-mode to win Cash prizes for themselves or charity shortly after the game released.

My experience with a Call of duty tournament was very competitive and thankfully we did end up getting 1st place. I played at a Lan Center called The esports Cave. You may come with your partner and play on a high end gaming setup or match up with someone else who does not have a partner. You will additionally be going against other duos to win the Modern Warfare tournament prize pool. I paired with a random partner which can be a bit risky.

Winning a CoD Tournament

Luckily my partner holds his own in 1v2 situations however and was an excellent team member. Playing at Lan Centers such as the esports cave can give opportunities to competitive players to form a team and play in official Call of Duty events for actual money. 2020’s Worldwide event led teams to compete for a 2 Million dollar tournament.

I would like to believe that Gaming Centers are a great place to meet new individuals with similar gaming mindsets. Players potentially form a team or a clan with people who are as dedicated to the game as I am. There is so much to explore with esports. Going to Lan Centers can be above all a great start to becoming a Pro Player or even making it a full time job by playing for money or creating a team and coaching them, who knows they might be the next worldwide champs! 

Connor Stilwell

Connor Stilwell