Fastest LAN Center in Austin 

We are celebrating the second anniversary of when we started building The Esports Cave on Anderson Mill in Austin. At the time, we chose 2070 Supers for our GPU,s thereby creating the fastest LAN center in Austin. It was an interesting time to start building. We weren’t able to open until June because of COVID restrictions at the time.

Second LAN Center in Cedar Park

Last year around this same time, we started our build out of our second LAN Center. This time at The Crossover in Cedar Park which is a an awesome multisports facility . We kept the name since we are proud of our brand. So the second The Esports Cave opened on August 26th last year.

Updates to keep our bragging rights to the fastest Lan Center

We wanted to offer an exceptional experience at both LAN Centers. I had worked for a custom PC builder previously, so I was able to reach out to them to get 3070 and 3080 GPUs for our new build. Since we were doing that, we decided to update The Esports Cave in Austin at the same time.

Now there are TWO high speed LAN Centers in the Area

While games currently run just fine on 2070 supers, our upgrade put us well ahead of the curve of what the games actually require. Happily, this gives us the bragging rights of the two fastest LAN Centers in the area! And as a cool benefit, we have been able to sell some of our older cards and pre-build top end gaming machines built with the EVGA 2070 Supers (there are still some available if you need a high end GPU or gaming machine).

And do these Lan Centers look awesome!

With Connor’s live music background running sound and lighting, he was able to create a unique environment for gamers in Austin and in Cedar Park. Drop by for the coolest LAN center  with the highest performance gaming rigs in the Austin area. The Austin location is even open until 2 AM on Friday and Saturday. And of course we have our lock-in overnighters twice a month, once at each Lan Center. See our calendar (Austin and Cedar Park) for details.