Leaderboards at The Esports Cave

There is a new level of excitement at The Esports Cave. We have activated the leaderboards at both locations, Anderson Mill and Cedar Park at The Crossover. The leaderboards allow you to earn more coins to purchase items from our prize vault!

Redeem coins for prizes

Our system has always included coins, which allow you to buy prizes from the vault. The coins are earned as a percentage of play. This was originally sort of a loyalty program. The more you play, the more you earn. Leaderboards add an opportunity to warm more coins. This means more opportunities to buy prizes!

Games in the leaderboards

Our leaderboards include four games: League of Legends, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Valorant. Each leaderboard has a daily, weekly and monthly winner. The competition is based on specific play for each game. League is based on Ranked 5×5 solo. Fortnite is  based on solo arena play. Apex is ranked, and Valorant is Competitive. you must play in the appropriate mode to rank on the leaderboards.

Daily, weekly and monthly prize ranks

The prizes are tiered for each game. Winning the daily earns 50 coins, weekly is 150 coins. Addtionally, monthly has awards for the top three players in each game category. First place earns 1500 coins. Second place earns 300 coins. Third place earns 150 coins. Each of these adds to the others. This means that the more days and weeks you play, the more coins that you can win each month.

Come prove your skills and get on our leaderboards

As if the cool environment wasn’t reason enough, now you have another reason to come play at The Cave. We are waiting for you to come prove to the entire Lan Center just how good you are at these games. See you soon at The Esports Cave!