Parties – birthday or otherwise – at The Cave

One of the most fun things we do at The Esports Cave is parties! We have hosted tons of birthday parties, bachelor parties, going away parties, and just friends getting together parties! It’s really great to watch a group having a blast at the gaming rigs in our LAN Center.

Birthday Parties

Almost all of our birthday parties have been for kids in the 8 – 18 range. Some of the kids come in knowing exactly what they want to do. Some do Fortnite tournaments. Others do Among Us as a group. Phasmaphobia (truly creepy sound effects) is also popular for group play, though it’s in groups of 4. Sometimes the kids just do parallel play. They just come in and all play different things. But it’s fun even then: they wander around and look over each other’s shoulders. 

Bachelor and adult parties

Bachelor parties bring a different element.  The Crossover had beer and wine until recently, so at the moment we are allowing BYOB for adult parties. The tension is a little higher at these parties: some of these tournaments become VERY serious. But one group did a really cool thing where they kept points for three different games played on both consoles and our PC rigs. The ranking across these games was used to award a prize. It got very loud in our gaming center for a few of those rounds! 

Group parties

We have also hosted several church youth groups. There are certain games that are not allowed in The Cave (Grand Theft Auto for example), and there are lots of age-appropriate games pre-installed. We have 155 games installed, and we have center accounts for about 102 of those games. So groups can always find a game they can play together that is appropriate for each audience.

Gamers are messy

But you don’t need to worry about the mess when you have the party at The Cave! Our staff cleans all the stations before your players arrive and of course we clean up the mess after. In addition, we offer pizza and soda as part of our parties, and we serve it to the players at the gaming stations or at a separate table. Gamer’s choice on where they eat, but we do like to have any cake, cupcakes etc served in our party room, which is included in our party packages.

“Best birthday party EVER!”

We’ve heard this more than once. It always makes us proud to hear this as the party is coming to a close. I think our staff tends to have as much fun as the party goers. Watching the players have a good time in a place where they can come together to play is just plain fun! Check out our party page for Austin or for Cedar Park. If you have a group that would enjoy gaming and celebrating together in the coolest (and highest performance) gaming center in Austin or Cedar Park.