The Crossover premier gaming: The Esports Cave

We’re here at The Crossover

First I’d like to thank the community here at The Crossover. Or I should say “communities”. We have had a great time with the hockey families, the figure skating community, the general public and of course our fellow tenants and business owners here in The Crossover.

It’s been a little slow here between hockey seasons. This is a reminder to all gamers that we are still open and very active inside The Crossover across from the Gold rink in the skating area. We are a local family owned business and we are very proud of the experience that we bring to Cedar Park. We love making sure all of our gamers have a great time. BTW: next time you parents are hanging out at The Crossover, remember that it’s just a bit warmer in our Lan Center. So feel free to step in and use our esports-guest wifi. Just ask for the password. Or drop the gamers off and go grab a beverage at The Fieldhouse.

As we start getting past some of the confusion created by the changes in management of the ice rink, we’re looking forward to more people being back in the building. In the mean time, we are still open on weekdays from 3-10 PM, and weekends from 10 – 10 PM. Don’t forget our night passes: $15 for 5 PM to close. Great option for gamers of all ages. Cheaper than babysitting for the younger ones!

Call of Duty Vanguard Tournament

We are also generating a lot of excitement in the gaming community. There will be a HUGE COD Vanguard tournament on May 21-22. This is being organized by Esports Media Zone and will be hosted in The Esports Cave at The Crossover. Tickets are available here. We have several other large events in the works, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget our streaming/podcast room! We have built a soundproof room with a state of the art control booth, high end cameras and microphones. Perfect for recording/broadcasting. Come check it out! In addtion, we are in the final stages of selecting gear to add VR to our offering, so look for VR in the near future.

Thank you to our loyal customers during this time of transition. We look forward to seeing you, and we look forward to returnees and new customers as we roll into the next season!