FTB Ultimine

Minecraft is a sandbox game designed with Java making it easy to add mods, one of our favorites being FTB Ultimine, to enhance the experience. A large part of the community at the cave use Curseforge to install these mods. You can find Ultimine on the Curseforge website, there is a small description but we decided to give a more in-depth guide for those who are new to mods.

FTB Ultimine is one of FTB’s Suite mods, where you are given different options to mine large amounts of blocks at once. Simply hold the keybind (default “`”) and break a single block, then depending on the mode you can instantly mine large amounts of blocks. The only restriction on it is that it must be the exact same block; if you’re mining grass it won’t mine dirt, if you’re mining stone it won’t mine ores, so on and so on.

UltiMining modes

FTB Ultimine has five different modes that you can use; Shapeless, Small Tunnel, Small Square, Mining Tunnel, and Escape Tunnel.

Mining Shapeless

Shapeless will let you mine the nearest 64 blocks all at once no matter what shape it is.

Mining Small Tunnel

Small Tunnel is actually not small at all, it has no limit on how far it can go. It’s a straight line in any direction you’re looking.

Mining Small Square

Small Square will mine a 3×3 around whatever block you are looking at, it’s great for making 3×3 strip mining tunnels.

Mining Tunnel

Mining Tunnel will make a diagonal pattern downwards, as long as you’re looking at the top or side of a block. It’s only 1 block so it’s good to do it 3 or 4 times to make an actual tunnel you can travel down.

Escape Tunnel

Escape Tunnel is a reverse version of Mining Tunnel; it’s a diagonal upwards and you must mine the bottom or side of a block. Once again, it’s only one block so you’ll have to mine 3 or 4 times as well.

Ultimine is incredibly useful for things like mining, chopping down trees, or even just clearing out big areas. It’s definitely a great mod that all modpacks should consider an essential add-on. Come play Minecraft at the cave with friends!