Event center perfect for gaming

The Cave gaming lounge and event center has been host to a number of large events lately. It has been great using our lan center as a premier event center for large tournaments, game launches, and semi-private tournaments. If you are looking for the premier gaming location in Austin or Cedar Park, look no further! Whether you are looking for a party, a corporate event, a game launch or a large event, we’ve got the coolest location ever!

GoGames 360

Last December, we hosted the GoGames 360 event. This was a general gaming event with all kinds of players. Our event center with our PC’s hosted four different games over the weekend that included mini-tournaments on things like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and of course Among Us. This was a large public event, and it took advantage of our gaming space as well as the event room we have in The Crossover location.

Game Launch

While we are still sworn to secrecy regarding the game, we had a great time hosting a company that was showing off their latest game prior to general release. As a premier esports gaming center, we love having events that are central to new things in the esports market. Having a new game introduced at an event in our lan center was really cool.

Call of Duty Tournament

Our partner brought Esports Zone Media held a large Call of Duty tournament last year. We are currently planning this year’s event with them. There were 20+ teams (around 100 players) competing from all over the country. The teams have played in various locations previously, but all concurred that this is their favorite location by far. The quality and speed of our machines coupled with very comfortable Secret Lab chairs, great lighting, etc., make this a fantastic venue!

Team Play

EKUSO in our event center

Karlin Oie brought an EKUSO event to our lan center. This event overlaps with our own mission of offering opportunities for improvement to our younger players. Karlin’s event filled the center with a competition of about thirty players. The event helped showcase the skills of the esports “athletes” in his program. It was great to fill the space with the players and their families/onlookers.

Event Center for all things gaming

In conclusion, our gaming lounge also serves as a fantastic location for any gaming related event large or small. Whether you are looking for an event center to launch a game, host a private tournament, or just have a party, we’ve the the best space. Come check us out for your next event, or just come by and play! See you at The Cave!