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Overwatch 2 collaborates with One Punch Man

In new Overwatch 2 event players will be able to unlock skins resembling characters from the “One Punch Man” anime.

Support hero Kiriko wearing a skin of Tatsumaki, the Terrible Tornado.

Overwatch is not known for it’s crossovers, albeit one example of a lego-inspired skin for the hero Bastion. However from March 7th to April 6th, Overwatch 2 will add various cosmetics inspired by manga series One Punch Man. The event’s cosmetics will show One Punch Man’s characters as skins for various Overwatch heroes. For instance, Doomfist will have a skin of Saitama, the protaganist of One Punch Man. Like in other events, players will likely only be able to acquire these cosmetics during the event. Skins will be available in the Overwatch 2 shop, one of the legendary skins for the event will be available through in game challenges.

What is One Punch Man, and why is it coming to Overwatch 2?

One Punch Man is a manga series about an overpowered superhero who can defeat all his villains with one punch. The series details how the bored hero struggles for a challenge, and for recognition of his strength. In early 2009 One Punch Man initially started out as a webcomic manga created by One. In 2012 manga artist Yusuke Murata began to collaborate with One on a remake of the One Punch Man manga in a more detailed style. Later in December 2015, an anime adaptation of One Punch Man was released, produced by the japanese animation studio Madhouse. Surpisingly One Punch Man saw success not just in Japan but across the entire world, it appealing to some american audiences. It seems the Overwatch 2 team likely has plenty of One Punch Man fans amidst themselves.

Overwatch 2 hero "Doomfist" as One Punch Man's Saitama, the protagonist of One Punch Man.
Doomfist wearing a skin of Saitama, AKA the Caped Baldy.

The One Punch Man collaboration event for Overwatch 2 will be Overwatch’s first major IP collaboration. Along with other many fans, I am excited to see the world of One Punch Man during future games. Although this collab opens the door for many exciting possibilites in the future, this current collab is very exciting for anime and gaming fans alike. To play Overwatch 2 on some of the best state-of-the-art PCs around, come on down to The Esports Cave.

Picture of Luka Eichenwald

Luka Eichenwald