Revan’s Leviathan Requirements; Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Speculation

The Force shall free me as I speculate on Revan’s Leviathan Requirements for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. SWGOH is a competitive game that pits teams of much loved Star Wars characters and ships against one another, with the most recent announcement being for the improved Sith Empire faction.

Revan’s flagship is described as meta defining, so it will be a very prestigeous and sought after ship. However, the full requirements have not yet been listed although we have some very good clues as to what those will be. I will explore those clues and add context to help you prep for this ship. Spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic

Background on Darth Revan

Roughly four thousand years before the core Star Wars movies, there was The Old Republic and the Jedi Revan. Revan disobeyed the Jedi Council to take a number of other Jedi followers to fight the growing threat of Mandalorians. Alongside his army of Jedi, Revan stopped the leader Mandalore and turned to the dark side, returning as Darth Revan to fight the Republic as a Sith Empire. Darth Revan did use droids including HK-47 to do his bidding.

Revan was betrayed by his apprentice, Malak, and was captured by Bastila. His flagship was destroyed in this incident and his memory wiped. This is where you pick up his story and can choose the light side or dark side as you defeat Malak as Revan.

Canon Revan was light side, and went on to help Canderous recover Mandalore’s helmet to become the new Mandalore to fight the true Sith threat. Revan then left to fight the true Sith Empire and returned years later to defeat the Emperor.

Due to the nature of Darth Revan’s lore, we will be focusing on Sith, Sith Empire, and Old Republic characters including Old Republic Mandalorians and droids. These are the most likely factions to be included in Darth Revan’s Leviathan Requirements.

What about Malak?

I wanted to address the Bantha in the room; Why isn’t Malak the crew of the Leviathan? In the lore, this makes little sense because Revan never commanded the Leviathan. Revan’s flagship was unnamed as it was destroyed by Malak just before KOTOR.

So why is Revan the crew for the Leviathan? The answer is not lore friendly, and is instead business friendly on Capital Games’ part; More players have Malak at a higher relic level and CG will get more money from players leveling up Darth Revan.

Given this revelation, I will not be considering Malak for any Leviathan requirements. I do believe he was intentionally left out and will continue to be left out… Unless we’re about to see the first capital ship with two crew members, which I find unlikely.

Past Ship Requirements

In order to understand Revan’s Leviathan Requirements I will explore past events in a similar competitive bracket. Given the advanced nature of the Sith Empire faction in the journey guide and the Conquest requirements, it is likely that this ship will follow the same format as the Executor and Profundity. We have also been told that Revan’s Leviathan would be “meta-defining.” This would give it the same pseudo ‘Galactic Legend’ status among ships. Before we speculate on Revan’s ship, let’s take a look at the Executor and Profundity requirements.

Executor Requirements

  • Darth Vader – R7
  • Admiral Piett – R8
  • Boba Fett – R8
  • Dengar – R5
  • IG-88 – R5
  • Bossk – R5
  • Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot – R5
  • TIE Advanced x1
  • Imperial TIE Bomber
  • Hound’s Tooth
  • Slave I
  • IG-2000
  • Imperial TIE Fighter
  • Razor Crest

Profundity Requirements

  • Admiral Raddus – R9
  • Cassian Andor – R8
  • Dash Rendar – R7
  • Mon Mothma – R5
  • Bistan – R5
  • Jyn Erso – R5
  • Hera Syndulla – R5
  • Outrider
  • Cassian’s U-Wing
  • Bistan’s U-Wing
  • Wedge Antilles’ X-Wing
  • Biggs Darklighter’s X-Wing
  • Rebel Y-Wing
  • Ghost

Both ships had seven character requirements and seven ship requirements. The character requirements had four Relic 5 characters and three higher relic characters. For both events, the ships required are the ships you must use for the event. Dengar is a requirement for the Executor even though he doesn’t have a ship. For the Profundity event, Mon Mothma was a requirement even though she does not have a ship and she is not one of the best synergies with Admiral Raddus.

Also, the event is only available once a month for either ship. Players can achieve four stars by completing the journey guide, and then the event brings a bonus round for ten shards every event. The bonus round can only be completed once per event and can be refreshed for 999 crystals. This means that players can seven star the ship over 26 months or pay roughly 2600 crystals to seven star in one event.

Revan’s Leviathan Requirements

Revan's Leviathan Requirements hinted at in Fury-class Interceptor announcement

The format for Revan’s Leviathan is likely to be virtually identical to Executor or Profundity with a monthly event. Therefore we expect seven characters with seven ships. The launch announcement said to “unlock the Fury-class Interceptor from Conquest … to unlock this new Capital ship.” This announcement also lists five good synergy ships including the B-28 Extinction-class Bomber, Scimitar, Sith Fighter, and two unreleased ships. I believe this is a good place to start.

Six ships have been mentioned already and it is extremely likely that these ships are all going to be required for Revan’s Capital ship. If this assumption is correct, then we can confirm that the new Fury, B-28, Scimitar, and Sith Fighter are four of the requirements for ships, and the two unreleased ships are two more. The question becomes; what are the two remaining ships and what is the seventh ship? To help unravel Revan’s Leviathan Requirements I will start by exploring ship options and work backwards to find some good character choices.

Core Ship Speculation

I am not considering the Vader or Palpatine ships… Those ships already have a place among Imperial fleets. Because of the popularity of Mandalorians and Revan’s connection, I would expect to see a Mandalorian ship or character requirement. Canderous spent a great deal of the games talking about his Basilisk, and it would be a very good decision in line with CG’s goals to make the Basilisk a ship with honorary Sith Empire tags for this fleet since no Mandalorian tags exist for ships yet.

Another important clue is that many factions have crew-less ships such as the Imperial Tie Bomber or Rebel Y-Wing which were required for the Executor and Profundity, respectively. Given this trend I find it highly likely that this will be one of the two new ships required for Revan’s Leviathan. There are a myriad of options of ships for this candidate from The Old Republic era, and it will be hard to pick which one it will be, but given the crew-less nature there’s no way to prepare anyway. However, Revan’s true fleet power came from the Star Forge which was a factory for new ships, so I do expect the Leviathan to have a power to summon copies of this ship much like Grevious’ Capital ship with his Vulture Droids.

Additional Ship Speculation

Another awesome potential addition to the team would be Fallen Bastila’s ship from Knights of the Old Republic. This ship was seen only briefly and never engaged in combat, but it does look like a menace. Bastila’s connection to Revan and Corrupted Battle Meditation could make this a fun addition. I believe that we will see either this ship or Canderous’ Basilisk and not both. For the final ship, I have two guesses; one guess is a lore friendly decision and the other is a business friendly decision. The lore friendly decision would be the Ebon Hawk, since Revan technically owned it either way. The business friendly decision would be the TIE/IN Interceptor Prototype since many people are struggling with the event.

Many have speculated that the Sith Empire Trooper would get a ship. When Malgus was announced, I had predicted that he would eventually get the Fury-class ship with a co-crew of the Sith Empire Trooper. Now that this was not the case, I do not expect there to be another ship for him. Sith Empire Trooper is also popular for Darth Revan or Sith Eternal Emperor squads.

Core Character Speculation

As we continute to explore Darth Revan’s Leviathan Requirements, let’s start with the safe bets. Darth Revan will be a requirement and there’s really no way around this. We’re still a few months away from the Fury-class being completed, and the Leviathan will drop after that so a lot can change by then including potentially a new Relic level. The relic levels tend to ramp up so I do expect to see three or four higher relic levels and three or four Relic 5 characters. It is also basically confirmed that Malgus will be a requirement, and I expect that to be one of the higher tier relic characters.

Another two lore friendly decisions would be Fallen Bastila and HK-47. Fallen Bastila should also be a higher relic character given her being essential to Revan’s story. I did not mention a ship for HK-47 and he didn’t really have one in the games, but remember that Mon Mothma was a requirement for Profundity and Dengar was a requirement for Executor even though neither character has a ship. Also HK would be a solid business decision since many players don’t have him at a particularly high relic level.

Additional Character Speculation

We need three more requirements. One of them is likely to be Darth Maul since he ties in so well with Revan’s lore given the rule of two tie-in and the Mandalorian tie-in. Speaking of Mandalorians, it could be that just Maul is a requirement with Darth Maul’s ship. Another sensible character would be the crew of the other Sith Empire ships. Since the Sith Marauder is popular and required for Sith Eternal Emperor, I don’t expect to see him on the requirements. Instead I expect to see the Sith Assassin who very few players have relic level very high.

There is just one slot left open and I saved it to discuss some possibilities. I expect to see one more character from Darth Revan’s journey path, giving us three choices. Ultimately I do believe the deciding factor will be which ships are chosen, but the characters are Canderous, Carth, and Juhani. I do only expect to see one of these.

Pugglesworth’s Picks for the Leviathan

  • Darth Revan – R9/10
  • Darth Malgus – R8/9
  • Bastila Shan (Fallen) – R8/7
  • Darth Maul -OR- Maul – R7/5
  • HK-47 – R5
  • Sith Assassin – R5
  • Canderous Ordo -OR- Carth Onasi -OR- Juhani – R5
  • Fury-class Interceptor
  • B-28 Extinction-class Bomber
  • Scimitar
  • Sith Fighter
  • Fallen Bastilla’s Ship -OR- Canderous’ Basilisk
  • Crewless Ship with Star Forge relation
  • Ebon Hawk -OR- TIE/IN Interceptor Prototype

Preparing for the Leviathan Ship Event

This event will definitely be aimed at advanced players since two of the requirements are from the Conquest events. If your roster is lacking, then I recommend you focus on getting Revan and Malgus to at least Relic 3 and giving your best effort to the upcoming Conquest events to get the most shards for the Fury-class Interceptor. It is also a safe bet to do the same for Darth Maul, Sith Assassin, and Sith Maurader and their ships. Other than that it’s probably best for less advanced players to wait for requirements to start grinding.

For more advanced players, these are competitive teams that we’re talking about. Personally I like to favorite the characters I’m focusing on and I have favorited all the Sith, Sith Empire, and Old Republic especially the ones from Darth Revan’s journey path that are not already at Gear XIII and am slowly working on them all. I’m getting all these characters slowly to Relic 3 as a baseline so their teams are competitive and can use Datacrons, but some characters are safe to go even higher. Personally I have already put Darth Revan up to Relic 9 because I had the funds and he’s one of my favorite characters and favorite teams. This is a safe bet for Leviathan and I also believe Malgus to Relic 5 is another completely safe bet.

In Conlusion

The top priority should be to focus on the characters and ships mentioned, although slowly working on the other characters with those faction tags is a good idea. Gear these toons and hoard your Relic amplifier materials. The longer grind for me has always been gear, and posing these factions to be at Gear XIII is a good way to be prepped for a quick grind after the full requirements are released. These characters are useful in several competitive teams anyway.

Remember, Revan’s Leviathan Requirements are still up in the air and can change with time. Be sure to stay tuned here as we discuss the announcements as they come, and check out another upcoming article about my hopes for the Sith Empire in the future.

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