Moving to Cedar Park

To our customers: 
We opened The Esports Cave back in 2020 with the mission of serving the gaming community with a truly awesome experience and a plan to grow into a bigger location primed to serve the community even better. Despite Covid, we achieved just that; we started with our Austin location on Anderson Mill Road and quickly expanded to our Cedar Park location inside The Crossover.  
The Crossover has been truly a dream come true and we will be serving the gaming community there for many years to come. Events such as Set Count and Ezone Media’s CoD LANs have brought a lot of gamers together to share their passion and love of the game for these competitions. There are new events coming this month and later this year such as Austinite Fights that will be serving the FGC community on a bimonthly basis. We are also proud to be sharing the building with other businesses who love serving their communities and bringing these different worlds together.  
Now that our Crossover location has been so successful attracting big events and birthday parties, we have found that this has put a strain on our Austin location at Anderson Mill. It is time for a change. As a business decision that will empower us to better serve our customers, we have decided to close our Anderson Mill location. This will come as a shock to many because our community has been growing and thriving, and we will continue to grow and expand as we focus on one larger location.  
This notice is going out a little under 3 months from when we plan to close near the end of October. The time until then will serve as a transition period as we move a few things out of Anderson and into The Crossover. Here are some of the changes. By the end of October, our hours at Crossover will be what they are at Anderson now. We will also be adding more computers at Crossover and improving some systems like our streaming room and food. As of now, we have no planned events at Anderson. Our Fortnite tournament has been moved to the second Saturday of every month in Cedar Park, and our lock-in will still be the last Saturday of every month at The Crossover location starting this month. Valorant tournament is on break for now. We do have plans to add more tournaments such as Rocket League.  
During this transition period we are available to help our customers through this process. Most importantly, customers currently have time, coins, and money in their accounts. All of this can be transferred to accounts at our Crossover location. The next three months is the best time to come in and either use or transfer your coins and time. Although we usually make a policy of not withdrawing money, that policy will be lifted for Anderson accounts. You may use, transfer, or withdraw any money from your account. We will be selling a subset of our gear; much of our equipment will be moving with us but we will be able to sell about 20 computer stations.  
After this three-month period, Anderson will be closed, and you will still be able to make these transfers and withdraws but only from the Crossover location. Stay tuned for more info on when the last day Anderson will be open. Also stay tuned to hear more about the changes coming to our Crossover location. Closing Anderson will allow us to focus on bigger and more events at your favorite Esports venue. We know it sounds scary when a location closes, but this is not the end of the story for our Esports Cave facility. The Crossover has been a massive success and we would like to take a moment to thank our loyal fans who made that happen.  

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Connor Stilwell