Esports Academy Tournament Hosted at The Cave

It is a beautiful synergy when we can share our love of the game, and that’s why we are parntering with Esports Acadmy to host a tournament series featuring Fortnite. We are very pleased to work with another organization that shares our goal; to teach lifelong lessons through the game! Esports Academy is opening a gaming-centric school for 5th to 8th graders this fall. You can check them out yourself at!

On specific Saturdays this summer, The Esports Cave will turn into Esports Academy’s showcase with a Fortnite tournament. The first date is coming up soon on May 25th, from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm. Our doors will be closed to those not registered for the tournament during this time, and registration is open for anyone in or entering middle school. We are proud to host this tournament series because we believe in supporting our local schools as a way to empower students. Esports Academy takes a unique approach to learning that enables students to find their passion in technology or arts.

Esports Academy; Beyond Gaming

Many of our blogs have covered the benefits of video games. You can learn life lessons from the stories, you can learn teamwork from playing together, and you can form life-long relationships with your in-game friends. Esports Academy goes beyond that to integrate these experiences into the curriculem. This motivates kids to engage with the endeavors that interest and excite them. They facilitate this with a 2 hour learning period followed by 4 hours of time to participate in project-based workshops. The academic learning is structured by an AI tutor to mold the course-work to the student’s needs so that the student learns faster than in conventional school.

We deeply believe in engaging students to learn in this way, and that’s why we’ll be closed to the general public on these days to showcase the school. It’s our way of growing the esports community and supporting our youth. Esports Academy already did a tournament like this where they had Typical Gamer come in and interact with the contestants. Typical Gamer was such a pleasure to have in our Esports Center as he was extremely caring to all of his fans. As we watched him show off his skills and coach the kids a bit, we also watched a new generation of gamers get inspired! This type of inspiration is what we are excited to see Esports Academy bring to the classroom.

We invite all our middle school and entering middle school students to come participate and be in on the fun. Check out our calendar for all the dates when this will be happening.

Picture of Connor Stilwell

Connor Stilwell