Esports Teams

The Cave is dedicated to seeing the community and scene grow, that is why we are proud to host our own esports teams. 

More than just a Game

We love supporting the community by growing players to enable them to give their all in the game. Our key value in business or gaming is to pursue excellence, and it makes us excited to watch our players practice excellence in the sport. It is our hope that other players will see what we’re doing and be inspired to strive for these goals. Hosting esports teams is part of the plan of filling our mission of developing the ‘minor leagues’ for the larger esports scene. As we grow we will pick up more games and we are excited to host tournaments and teams for those games. 

Super Smash Bros

The Esports Cave Owner, Connor, has had a passion for Smash since he played the original title as a kid on the Nintendo 64. The beloved fighting game has become a huge category on streaming and tournament platforms. It is our pleasure to feed into the Smash scene by supporting our players to go to other locals and by hosting esports teams at our own tournaments. You can learn how to join us at our Smash Saturdays by clicking on the link:

Meet our Esports Teams Players

We are very proud to work with players who share our love of the game. As we pick up more players, we will be choosing people who have demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and who we enjoy working with. The same vision that led us to create The Cave also leads us to continue growing with these gamers. Introducing the players who make our esports teams possible:

Katsu Headshot
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Katsu has been performing exceedingly well at our Smash tournaments and has been a great help with seeding. We are proud to send him to some tournaments and have him in this community.
The first member of on one of our Esports Teams
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
White Mr. Game and Watch
Presenting our first team member and rising star in Austin PR. Dominus mains Mr. Game and Watch and has played some amazing matches at our weekly Smash event.