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Sith Empire Expansion Speculation: SWGOH

The Sith Empire has returned with a vengeance of late in Star Wars; Galaxy of Heroes. The addition of Malgus and Talon shook up the meta for Sith teams in the last two years. Now a new ship has been teased; Darth Revan’s Leviathan Capital ship. In a previous article we speculated on what the requirements would be for those ships. Now I will also discuss is what else may change in the future for Sith and Sith Empire factions.

The State of the Sith Empire Faction

Darth Malgus created a totally new meta for Sith Empire teams. The current meta teams for this faction is Darth Malgus, Fallen Bastilla, Darth Revan, Malak, and either Darth Talon or Sith Marauder. Savage Opress is also not unheard of in three man Grand Arena. Players who do not use Talon or Savage with Malgus often find a staple team for those characters with Traya, Nihilus, and Sion. The Sith Empire Trooper can also live with the Sith Eternal Empire team as a solid meta option. However, there’s a few characters left without solid meta staple homes including HK-47 and Sith Assassin.

Most factions in SWGOH have at least two teams that would appear on a meta list without overlapping. The few factions that only have enough characters for one team generally are factions such as Ewok, Jawa, or Tusken, and those factions don’t exactly merit multiple teams. The Sith Empire in all its glory had a massive spread of talent that has not yet made its way onto the holotables yet. Myself and many other players found the lore around The Old Republic to be some of the best of Star Wars. It would only make sense as a smart business move for Capital Games to flesh out this faction with another team as it would help retain or attract players and encourage spending on this faction.

Sith Empire Characters?

There is one character in specific who has been speculated heavily on since Darth Malgus was announced; The Emperor, Tenebrae, Vitiate. The Sith Emperor is arguably one of the most powerful characters in the Star Wars universe, second to possibly only The Ones or Abeloth. This makes him a prime candidate to be a Galactic Legend. We already have many characters that make sense to include for the lore to unlock him. Since SWGOH brought the movies culmination of the heroes’ journies into Galactic Legends, it would fulfill die-hard Old Republic fans to tie that lore up nicely with a Galactic Legend.

After the introduction of The Leviathan, it has seemed more likely that we will see additional characters from Knights of the Old Republic. Admiral Saul Karath is my favorite choice for a new non-Galactic Legend leader. Saul was the admiral on the Leviathan during the KOTOR video game. He served second in command to Malak carrying out many of his orders. The Admiral is known for his orbital bombardments and sowing discord, making his kit for SWGOH obvious; blaster fire, orbital bombardment, and some subterfuge ability to buff or debuf. This would be a solid choice for Sith Empire characters to have a team.

Additional Characters

Another character I would love to see is Calo Nord. A ruthless bounty hunter, Calo worked for the Sith Empire to track Revan and his friends down. This character would have Bounty Hunter and Sith Empire tags, much like Jango Fett for the Separatists. Calo’s abilities would include dual blasters, thermal detonators, and intimidation tactics. The other major boss in KOTOR was Darth Bandon, who was Malak’s apprentice. When Bandon fought Revan he displayed his abilities in the force to render himself invulnerable to force abilities, inflict poison, and summon a powerful wind to immobilize his opponents. Adding these types of abilities to his kit could make him a powerful support.

Finally the second Sith Empire team is missing only a few pieces. A Sith Empire War Droid Mark II would serve as a good tank for either team. Revan used precursors to this droid line, and Malgus used it extensively. The heavy blasters it weilds would debuff enemies and inflict them with fear. A Sith Trooper infantry as seen in KOTOR would finish off this faction nicely. There are three main variants with interesting synergy potential. Calo Nord could synergize with Sith Grenadiers with stacks of thermal detonators. Sith Assault Troopers with a vibrosword could inflict debilitating debuffs. Sith Commandos used light repeating blasters to lay down suppressing fire. Of course there are other variants with heavy repeating blasters or sniper rifles that could also have interesting synergy. Many of these characters could be used by the Sith Triumvirate as well.

More Sith Empire Ships?

A few years ago I had suggested that Sith ships were turned into a full fleet. At the time I fully expected Darth Nihilus to be the lead. A huge part of his power in KOTOR was his ship, the Ravager which was held together by his hatred and the force. Since many factions in SWGOH have multiple fleets such as the Empire, CG might add the Ravager as an alternative Sith or Sith Empire fleet with easier requirements or farmable. This would only make sense if more Sith ships were added, as many of the ones that already exist have a meta home.

In my previous article I already mentioned Fallen Bastilla’s ship, as well as Canderous’ Basilisk. Additionally I speculated that the Sith Empire Trooper would not have a ship because he was not put on the Fury-class Interceptor with Malgus… However I now have considered that CG may have done this intentionally to give him his own ship. It’s hard to speculate what that might be since there are so many choices. A Sith Trooper unit could also have a Sith Fighter ship from KOTOR, although this is already similar to the Sith Assassin’s Sith Fighter ship.

Sith and other Ships

Outside of the Sith Empire there are a number of Sith characters with iconic ships that never made their way to the holotables. Savage Opress had his Turtle Tanker in The Clone Wars. Count Dooku had his Solar Sailer at the end of Episode II. Moreover, Darth Sidious piloted a special shuttle in The Clone Wars animated series. Sidious piloted this ship to visit Mandalore to fight Maul. The last solid choice for a Sith ship is Asajj Ventress’ ship, the Ginivex-class starfighter she piloted also in The Clone Wars. Ventress does not have Sith tags, but the Sith Agent prestigeous quest uses her so it would make sense to give her ship to the Sith faction.

There are three final ships I expect to see making their way into SWGOH that relate to these factions. First is Starkiller, who commanded the Rogue Shadow with Juno Eclipse as his pilot in The Force Unleashed. Although Starkiller was not a true Sith, he was apprentice to Darth Vader and so the ship having Sith tags would follow the lore nicely. The second ship is Darth Talon’s Dragon ship. Since Starkiller has four required characters and two of them have ships, I’m surprised that Darth Talon’s ship hasn’t already been added… except for the fact that Sith ships don’t have a good home yet. The final ship, much like Talon, is Mara Jade’s Jade Shadow. Again, Mara Jade is not a Sith but as a servant of Sidious it would make sense to give the ship Sith tags.

May the Force be with You!

Remember that these are only speculations on what the future holds for SWGOH. It’s up to CG how they want to flesh out the rosters in this game. We are all very excited for the upcoming Leviathan capital ship and a more fleshed out Sith Empire faction. Be sure to check back here to find the latest news about SWGOH and all your other favorite video games.

Picture of Connor Stilwell

Connor Stilwell