Moving to Cedar Park

To our customers:  We opened The Esports Cave back in 2020 with the mission of serving the gaming community with a truly awesome experience and a plan to grow into a bigger location primed to serve the community even better. Despite Covid, we achieved just that; we started with our Austin location on Anderson Mill Road […]

Event center perfect for gaming

Setcount crowd at our gaming event center

The Cave gaming lounge and event center has been host to a number of large events lately. It has been great using our lan center as a premier event center for large tournaments, game launches, and semi-private tournaments. If you are looking for the premier gaming location in Austin or Cedar Park, look no further! […]

The Crossover premier gaming: The Esports Cave

The Esports Cave at The Crossover

We’re here at The Crossover First I’d like to thank the community here at The Crossover. Or I should say “communities”. We have had a great time with the hockey families, the figure skating community, the general public and of course our fellow tenants and business owners here in The Crossover. It’s been a little […]

Parties – birthday or otherwise – at The Cave

parties at the cave

One of the most fun things we do at The Esports Cave is parties! We have hosted tons of birthday parties, bachelor parties, going away parties, and just friends getting together parties! It’s really great to watch a group having a blast at the gaming rigs in our LAN Center. Birthday Parties Almost all of […]

Leaderboards at The Esports Cave


There is a new level of excitement at The Esports Cave. We have activated the leaderboards at both locations, Anderson Mill and Cedar Park at The Crossover. The leaderboards allow you to earn more coins to purchase items from our prize vault! Redeem coins for prizes Our system has always included coins, which allow you […]

Fastest LAN Center in Austin 

Setcount crowd at our gaming event center

We are celebrating the second anniversary of when we started building The Esports Cave on Anderson Mill in Austin. At the time, we chose 2070 Supers for our GPU,s thereby creating the fastest LAN center in Austin. It was an interesting time to start building. We weren’t able to open until June because of COVID […]

Tournaments: The Evolution Smash at The Cave

The Esports Cave, Austin’s fastest gaming center, opened in Mid 2020. Right in the middle of one of the worst historical events in modern existence. We knew tournaments would be a key component of our business model. Smash tournaments, specifically. We worked hard to create a community during a world-wide period of isolation. Part of […]

Cedar Park New Location

Gaming in Cedar Park

We opened our original esports center here in Austin last year in the depths of the COVID pandemic. It was fantastic to have a large number of regular visitors who trusted our procedures to keep people safe, including all the masking, temperature taking, social distancing and cleaning. Making it through as a small business was […]

Modern Warfare Tournament at The Cave

Modern Warfare

Over the years the Call of duty series has set the bar for immersive, action-packed Content. The current Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduces fans to boots on the ground. The Alpha of the game came out August 23rd, 2019. Activison furthermore allowed PS4 players early access to play their new Gunfight mode. Which features […]

Happy Un-birthday Party!

Un-birthday party pizza!

Couldn’t have a party? Did your child or loved one miss a Birthday Party celebration during the COVID lockdown? Are you feeling like 2020 has just “skipped” your Birthday or other favorite celebration? Do they enjoy PC gaming? Come celebrate now! Come to The eSports Cave and celebrate that missed Birthday Party with a very […]